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Premier Li Keqiang meets with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Singapore on Nov 14, 2018. [Photo/Xinhua]

Common interests of China and Australia override their differences, and cooperation is the right choice for both countries, Premier Li Keqiang told Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday in Singapore.

They were at the sixth China-Australia Prime Ministers" Regular Meeting at the interval of a series of leaders" meetings on East Asian cooperation hosted by the "Lion City".

The regular meeting was the first after the new lineup of Australian government, after twists and turns of bilateral relations, Li said. The two countries should promote the development of their ties with mutual respect, frank dialogues and proper management of differences, he said.

History shows the two countries provide opportunities for each other"s development, and China is willing to expand trade and investment and also welcomes high-quality goods from the Oceania country, the premier said.

China will continue to open its door and build a business environment that equally treats domestic and foreign businesses, Li said. China also hopes Australia to provide a non-discriminatory and fair environment for Chinese investors, he said.

The two countries should safeguard multilateralism, free trade and the rules-based international order, the premier added.

Morrison said Australia has benefited from China"s development and welcomes China to play a vital role in global and regional issues. He said his country welcomes Chinese investment and is willing to further cooperation with China in trade, innovation, mining, tourism, energy and other fields.

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